Introducing Moshi AI

The Revolutionary Voice-Enabled AI

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Key Features

Real-Time Voice Interaction

Smooth, natural, and expressive communication, allowing users to converse with AI as they would with a human.

Emotional Intelligence

Recognize and express over 70 different emotions, making interactions more nuanced and lifelike.

Low Latency

The lowest latency of any conversational AI released to date, ensuring seamless and responsive dialogue.

Multitasking Capabilities

Can think, speak, and listen simultaneously, maximizing the flow of conversation.

On-Device Processing

Compact enough to run locally on personal computers, ensuring privacy and offline functionality.

Open-Source Approach

Freely shared code and model weights, fostering collaborative research and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who developed Moshi AI?

Moshi AI was developed by Kyutai, a French non-profit AI research laboratory founded in November 2023.

How long did it take to develop Moshi?

The Kyutai team, consisting of just 8 people, developed Moshi from scratch in only 6 months.

Is Moshi AI publicly accessible?

Yes, Moshi AI is freely accessible to the public through Kyutai's website, allowing anyone to test and interact with the AI.

What makes Moshi AI unique?

Moshi's ability to engage in real-time voice conversations with emotional expression and low latency sets it apart from other AI models.

Can Moshi AI be used offline?

Yes, Moshi can be installed locally and run on an unconnected device, ensuring privacy and offline functionality.

What are Kyutai's plans for Moshi AI?

Kyutai intends to open-source Moshi, allowing researchers and developers to study, modify, and extend the technology for various applications.